The Inspiring Philosophy

Above and Beyond

The Inspiring Hospice philosophy is to provide hospice care that goes “above and beyond, and by the book”. Inspiring Hospices provide more and better care than is required of them by the Federal and State regulation – and always within an eye firmly on the rules. Our nurses pay more visits to patients – in some cases, up to four times more – than is required of them by regulation. Our professionals spend more time with patients than other providers. Our staff-to-patient ratios are far lower than industry – by design. We believe that there is nothing more powerful in hospice than time spent with the patient; we ask every member of our clinical team to maximize that time and make to it count.

…and By the Book

We are careful stewards of the Medicare trust fund, which pays for the hospice benefit. We want to bring our exceptional care to as many deserving patients as possible, but only after an exacting standard of medical review is applied to each admission to determine that each patient qualifies for hospice. We are passionate advocates for transparency and patient choice, refusing to participate in any system that compensates physicians or facilities for referrals. We do what Medicaid asks of us; providing the services, medication and supplies necessary to palliate each patient’s terminal condition, and we provide care to any patient who qualifies – regardless of ability to pay – no exceptions.

This is the Inspiring promise: above and beyond, and by the book.

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Our Founder

The Inspiring Hospice Group was founded by CEO, Steve Morris. Steve was led to hospice early in his medical career by a mentor who inspired in him a passion for providing outstanding hospice care. “Hospice is about providing the ultimate holistic care at a unique time in our patients’ lives. Our people share an intimate relationship with our patients, helping them to navigate the big issues that present towards the end of life. I entered this field believing that most providers and patients do not understand the true meaning of hospice care or the benefit that hospice patients are entitled to receive. It has become my life’s mission to make sure those who deserve hospice care, receive.” Steve’s personal pursuit of excellence in this field has led him to own, operate and consult for hospices all over the U.S., bringing excellence to each program he’s worked with. In 2015, Steve founded the Inspiring Hospice Group which now brings outstanding hospice care to patients throughout Oregon, Washington, and Georgia.

The Leadership Team

Steve Morris

Founder and CEO

Steve grew up in the San Bernardino mountains of Southern California.  After graduating from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO, he completed doctoral studies in Biomedical Science at the University of Missouri.  He was led to hospice early in his career through the mentorship of his very first CEO, who was passionate about providing outstanding hospice care and inspired Steve with the same passion.

  • Learn more about Steve
Learn more about Steve

Steve oversees IHG’s operations across the country, beginning his days early on the West Coast. His role as CEO is to support IHG’s people in reaching their full potential –  lifting up those who want to be lifted.  “I learned early on that running an organization was only ever about the people you work with and those you serve.  Put those things first and the rest will follow.”   His coworkers describe him as generous, compassionate and unfailingly positive, attributes which are borne out in his personal motto – “Hakuna Matata” 

Steve has run programs all over the United States which have set the gold standard for hospice operations.  In 2006, he co-founded his first program, which grew to service Atlanta and much of Northeast Georgia.  From there, he went on to own, operate and consult for hospices in South Carolina, Tennessee, and most recently, Oregon, Washington, and Georgia.  He has become a nationally-known authority on hospice regulatory compliance.

He is happiest flying his airplane, but his favorite destination is home with his family, human and four-legged. His pet peeves are public restrooms, germs, and snobbery. He keeps bees, makes a mean pot of chicken and dumplings, and shares his wine collection with a wide circle of friends. 

Wayne Barth


Wayne grew up in Maryland before graduating from Mount Saint Mary’s College in 1992 with a degree in Accounting.  Wayne is very proud to have been the first in his family to earn a degree from a four-year university. In 2000 he earned his CPA and has worked in the healthcare industry for close to 30 years.  Wayne comes to Inspiring Hospice Group with 14 years of hospice experience and a drive to build and improve teams.

  • Learn more about Wayne
Learn more about Wayne

“I didn’t know much about Hospice but it became my passion.  The Hospice industry provides healthcare the way it should always be done with the patient at the center of a team of wonderful providers working in concert as a team.”  Wayne is trained in Lean Principles and always works to remove obstacles from employees and set up processes to make things as easy as possible.

Wayne moved to Vancouver Washington with his wife and youngest child.  He also has a son studying Engineering in Pennsylvania.  Wayne is an avid golfer and loves to be on the green with his two boys and father.

Eadaoin Waller


Eadaoin grew up in Ireland and attended law school (for the first time) at Queens’ University, Belfast.  After college, she worked for Ernst & Young as a trainee tax accountant, before relocating to the United States and returning to her first love – the law.  She re-trained as a U.S. lawyer at the University of Georgia, and enjoyed a long and happy first career as a partner at an Atlanta law firm, where she acted as corporate counsel for a number of small businesses and non-profits.

  • Learn more about Eadaoin
Learn more about Eadaoin

Eadaoin spends a lot of time on regulatory and employment compliance and works closely with the rest of the leadership team on the expansion of IHG’s operations into new territories. Working in hospice has been a serendipitous change: “Every lawyer goes to law school hoping to change the world and do good. In this industry, I have the privilege of working with heroes who carry others through death and dying.  I would like to think we place a strong emphasis on supporting them in that heroic work.”

Eadaoin lives in Athens with her two children. She has a passion for community, art, and all things Irish, and serves on the Boards of the Inspiring Hospice Foundation and the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation. 

Barbara Golden

Clinical Director

Barb is a registered nurse, and the Founder of High Desert Hospice in Klamath Falls.  A lifelong resident of Klamath Falls, she graduated with a Bachelors in Nursing from the Oregon Institute of Technology.  In caring for her mother through her final illness, Barb found a love for hospice. “When I saw what hospice was able to do for my mother, I knew that I wanted to invest my life in this field of medicine. 

  • Learn more about Barbara
Learn more about Barbara

I founded High Desert Hospice so that anyone in my home community who needed end-of-life care would have access to the very best in hospice services.”  She attributes her success in founding and building High Desert Hospice to her parents, who taught her to work hard and that “if you can dream it, you can do it.”  

Her dream-of-a-lifetime vacation would involve taking her sisters to Australia to stay in a famous hotel on a giraffe plantation: giraffes were Barb’s mom’s favorite animal.   

In 2015, Barb made the decision to bring High Desert Hospice into Inspiring Hospice Group.  She now sits on the Inspiring Board, where she contributes many years of clinical experience and a huge heart for patients and employees.  Described simply as “giving” by the Klamath Falls clinical team she oversees, Barb’s unsurpassed passion for service has influenced IHG’s ethos and in turn, the policies that govern our patient care and our treatment of employees. 

Peggy Menasco

Director of Human Resources

Peggy was born in Great Falls, MT.  Her father serving in the Air Force, she attended eleven different schools between kindergarten and 12th grade and has lived in places as far-flung as Germany and Newfoundland.  Her school career later took her to Little Rock Missionary Seminary and then to Mansfield Business School.

  • Learn more about Peggy
Learn more about Peggy

Peggy has always worked for organizations with a service mission.  After twenty years in education, she intentionally moved her career to Hospice. The Director of Human Resources at IHG, Peggy oversees compensation, benefits and policies and procedures for its 75 employees. A much-beloved member of the management team, Peggy is the resident Excel whiz-kid and HR process guru. She abhors over-use of the reply-all button and works tirelessly teaching common-area etiquette in the workplace. 

Happiest spending time with her family and friends who attribute gentle characteristics like “loyal” and “reliable” to her, it  comes as a surprise to some that she’s a sharpshooter!  She dreams of traveling Europe and seeing the Northern Lights one day.