The Inspiring Philosophy:

Above and Beyond

The Inspiring Hospice philosophy is to provide hospice care that goes “above and beyond, and by the book”. Inspiring Hospices exceed the expectations set for them by Federal and State regulations – and always with an eye firmly on the rules. Our nurses pay more visits to patients – in some cases, up to four times more – than is required of them by regulation. Our professionals spend more time with patients than other providers. Our staff-to-patient ratios are far lower than industry – by design. We believe that there is nothing more powerful in hospice than time spent with the patient; we ask every member of our clinical team to maximize that time and to make it count.

…and By the book

We are careful stewards of the Medicare trust fund, which pays for the hospice benefit. We want to bring our exceptional care to as many deserving patients as possible, but only after an exacting standard of medical review is applied to each admission to determine that each patient qualifies for the Medicare hospice benefit. We are passionate advocates for transparency and patient choice, refusing to participate in any system that compensates physicians or facilities for referrals. We do what Medicaid asks of us: providing the services, medication, and supplies necessary to palliate each patient’s terminal condition, and we provide care to any patient who qualifies – regardless of ability to pay – no exceptions.

This is the Inspiring Promise:
Above and Beyond,
and By the Book.

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